The Golf Course

Hole Thirteen

The final par 5 runs in the opposite direction to hole 12. The view is dominated by 'Treasure Island' on the left-hand side. There is also a fairway bunker on the right, so the drive should be placed down the left-hand side, but avoiding "Treasure Island". Again, the green is reachable in two for the longer hitters. However, it is guarded by two greenside bunkers. The right-hand one of these will be found by anything less than a truly struck shot as the ground falls away on that side. A small copse of trees awaits anybody thinking about bailing out to the left. Too long and you have a difficult chip back up a slope to the green.

“Your drive here should favour the left centre of the fairway avoiding the fairway bunker. This green can be reached in two with a well struck second shot. But beware of the run off into the right hand bunker with your approach.”
Richard Reed Club Professional
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