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Hole Eighteen

The final hole is the longest Par 4 of the course, and concludes a run of the county's finest finishing holes. The ideal tee shot is a long draw. However, the fairway narrows considerably the further you go. Anything pulled left will end up in trees that run the length of the hole. A pond features along the right-hand side but shouldn't really come into play unless the tee shot was short. The feature here is the two-tiered green, which is 50 yards long and protected on the right and left by deep bunkers. Club selection for the second shot is, therefore, primarily determined by the pin position and, consequently, can vary by as much as 4 clubs.

“The drive is best positioned to the right centre of the fairway. Club selection is vitally dependant on the flagsticks position due to a long two-tier green.”
Richard Reed Club Professional
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