Festival Week 2020 Results: 4BBB Open

Glen Gorse Golf Club

Here are the results of our 4BBB open Competition which took place during Festival Week at Glen Gorse Golf Club, on Sunday 6th 2020.

  • 1st Place (47 points) £100 Each

    Sean Heathcoat
    Dave Blackwell

  • 2nd Place (46 points) £80 Each

    Nathan Tabor
    Dave Coleman

  • 3rd Place (44 points l/r) £70 Each

    Dale Prime
    Ryan Prime

  • 4th Place (44 points l/r) £60 Each

    James Owen
    Jamie Marsh

  • 5th Place (43 points l/r) £50 Each

    Gary Sanders
    Garry Sehmi

  • 6th Place (43 points l/r) £45 Each

    Mark Greeves
    Karl Barrow

  • 7th Place (43 points l/r) £40

    Carl Henson
    Andy Pickford

  • 8th Place (43 points l/r) £35

    James Jameson
    Freddie Stevens

  • 9th Sixth Place (43 points l/r) £30

    Mick Atkinson
    Bob Bellm

  • 10th Place (42 points l/r) £25

    Duncan Sutton
    Nigel Cooper

  • 11th Place (43 points l/r) £20

    Roger Smith
    Phil Adcock

Well done to everyone who took apart and a special congratulations to our winners. If you enjoyed playing at Glen Gorse please support us by leaving us a review. Or take a look at the benefits of the becoming a club member at Glen Gorse. 

We Hope to see you at future opens. 

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