Festival Week 2020 Results: Seniors 4BBB Open

Nature thrives at Glen Gorse

Here are the results of our Seniors 4BBB open Competition which took place during Festival Week at Glen Gorse Golf Club, on Monday 7th 2020.

  • 1st Place (49 points) £100 Each

    M Remmington
    Marvin Cook

  • 2nd Place (47 points) £80 Each

    Richard Mumford
    Nigel Stevens

  • 3rd Place (45 points) £70 Each

    Gaynor Swindler
    Alan James

  • 4th Place (44 points) £60 Each

    Nigel Coxon
    Paul Coxon

  • 5th Place (43 points) £50 Each

    Martin Taylor
    Rob Sanders

  • 6th Place (42 points l/r) £45 Each

    Roger Smith
    Alistair Sutton

  • 7th Place (42 points l/r) £40 Each

    Alan Sharratt
    Paul Smith

  • 8th Place (42 points l/r) £30 Each

    R Chamberlain
    Brian Turrell

  • 9th Place (42 points l/r) £25 Each

    Bob Hayes
    David Rudkin

Well done to everyone who took apart and a special congratulations to our winners. If you enjoyed playing at Glen Gorse please support us by leaving us a review. Or take a look at the benefits of the becoming a club member at Glen Gorse. 

We Hope to see you at future opens. 

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