Festival Week 2020 Results: AM AM Open

Here are the results of our AM / AM open Competition with took place during Festival Week at Glen Gorse Golf Club, on Saturday 12th September 2020.

  • First Place (90 points) £100 Each

    Grant Sharman
    Sam Mayfield
    D Gibbons
    Sean Clarke

  • Second Place (89 Points l/r) £75 Each

    Josh Harris
    CAllum Jarman
    Rog Elliott
    Martin Anderson

  • Third Place (89 Points l/r) £50 Each

    Sanjay Bhandari
    Joe Dunmore
    Niall Bruce
    Paul Mansfield

  • Forth Place ( 87 Points) £40 Each

    Paul Hastings
    Mike Sissons
    Mick Sissons
    Callum Sissons

  • Fifth Place (86 Points) £30 Each

    Daniel Mason
    Ben Jacobs
    Matt Wilson
    Malcolm Bradd

  • Sixth Place (85 Points) £25 Each

    Ben Iles
    Declan Iles
    Chris Iles
    Richard Chamberlain

Well done to everyone who took apart and a special congratulations to our winners. If you enjoyed playing at Glen Gorse please support us by leaving us a review. Or take a look at the benefits of the becoming a club member at Glen Gorse. 

We Hope to see you at future opens. 

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