Gents Seniors Open Results

The Gents Seniors Open Competition took place at Glen Gorse Golf Club on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 AM/AM Stableford – Pro Shop Vouchers.

  • First Place
    (94 points)

    Martin Taylor
    Phil Curtis
    Ian Swinfield
    Roberts Sanders

  • Second Place
    (91 Points)

    Jed Isbell
    Phil Stanton
    Keith Howlett
    Ian Duke

  • Third Place
    (89 Points)

    Steve Benton
    Geoff Astill
    Hamish Leitch
    Dale Langham

  • Forth Place
    (88 Points ORL)

    Martin Reay
    Ian Jacob
    David Wood
    Alan Evans

  • Fifth Place
    (88 Points)

    Keith Render
    Dave Seabrook
    Keith Dobney
    Richard Covingtom

  • Sixth Place
    (87 Points)

    Paul Crisp
    Tim Bastock
    Neil Measey
    Neil Pearson

Well done to everyone who took part and a special congratulations to our winners. If you enjoyed playing at Glen Gorse please support us by leaving us a review.

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We Hope to see you at future opens.

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