Club Officials


Ian Tucker
Telephone 0116 2717996



Paul Toon
Telephone 07770 702901

Golf Club Office

Gill Pollard
Telephone 0116 271 4159
Email admin.office@glengorsegolfclub.co.uk

Gents Captain

Martin Taylor
Telephone 07894 790460

Gents Vice-Captain

David Kirby
Telephone 07808 175762

Lady Captain

Gaynor Swingler
Telephone 0116 3730688

Hon. Treasurer

Tim Smith
Telephone 07957 821428


Richard Reed
Telephone 0116 271 3748 (Pro Shop)

Course Committee Chairman

Steve Benton
Telephone 07831 552524


Handicap and Competitions Committee Chairman

Mat Wood
Email handicap@glengorsegolfclub.co.uk

Junior Development Officer

Bob Blair
Telephone 07521 718626

Course Green Staff

Chris Shuttlewood
Course Manager course.manager@glengorsegolfclub.co.uk
Course Staff course.staff@glengorsegolfclub.co.uk



How the Club is Managed

The affairs of the club are run by Glen Gorse Golf Club Council which is made up of elected officers. The day to day running of the Club is the responsibility of the Golf Club Manager and the Club Staff.

In order to support the smooth running of the club the Club Council is responsible for enhancing and promoting the enjoyment of the game of golf for every Glen Gorse Golf Club member and working closely with the Club Manager to maximise the profitable use of the Clubhouse and create social opportunities for members.

It is responsible for:
  • The organisation of Club golf competitions and matches.
  • The General Rules and Procedures and Standing Orders in consultation with Glen Gorse Golf Club Management.
  • Rules for competitions.
  • Disciplinary matters not under the jurisdiction of the Manager.

Every year the Club holds its Annual General Meeting. This will take place during October and we encourage all members to attend. This will provide you all with an opportunity to offer suggestions and make a positive impact on how the club is managed.

Finance and Business Committee and Golf and Management Committee

Committee Members
  • Barry Marshall - Chairman
  • Tim Smith - Treasurer
  • Steve Benton - Course Director
  • Nigel Oldman - Elected Director
  • Mike Sargeant - Elected Director
  • Neil Grove - Elected Director
  • Phil Izzard  - Elected Director

Committee structure

  • S Benton (Chairman)
  • Mrs J. Linsley
  • R. Hayes
  • R Taylor
Handicap and Comps
  • M. Wood (Chairman)
  • C. Harris
  • C Henson
  • M. Frape
  • B. Hall
  • Dewi Paylor
  • A. Pickford
  • P. Toon
  • B. Drew
  • C. Lewis
  • I. Jameson
Golf and Membership Committee
  • Paul Toon (Chairman)
  • Tim Smith
  • Marj Anderson
  • Dave Kirby
  • Elaine Wesley
  • Alan James
  • Steve Benton
  • Bob Blair
  • Craig Harris
  • Ian Tucker
  • Mat Wood
Ladies Section

We have a large and very social ladies section. The ladies section is run by the Lady Captain and her committee who meet every month to administer the business of the section.

Ladies Section

  • Lady Captain: Mrs Gaynor Swingler
  • Lady Vice-Captain: Mrs Marj Anderson
  • Hon. Secretary: Mrs Pat Imlay
  • Hon. Treasurer: Mrs Val Bowler
  • Immediate Past Captain: Mrs Elaine Wesley
  • Mrs Gaynor Swingler
  • Mrs Steph Adcock
  • Mrs Christine Hunter
  • Mrs Jane Linsley
  • Mrs Jo Corlett
  • Mrs Elaine Wesley
  • Kathy Carter
  • Pat Imlay
  • Val Bowler 
Seniors Section

The Seniors Section of Glen Gorse Golf Club is a thriving and busy community of senior golfers. If you are over 60 years of age and would like to join our Section, please contact one of the following:


Mike Hinks
Telephone 0116 2592144
Email: mike.hinks19@gmail.com