Hole 3 at Glen Gorse

Hole 3
Par 4, Yards 405, Stroke Index 4

Hole 3 Overview

A long drive to the left of the fairway bunker sets up a long or mid iron to a fairly flat green at the hole 3. Trees alongside both sides of the fairway will potentially block out the wayward drive, and be aware of a small pond to the left of the fairway which has captured many pulled second shots.A bunker well short of the green awaits anyone who under clubs and another green-side bunker on the right means that the best approach into the green is long and left.

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“Drive towards the left centre of the fairway to avoid the bunker. The second shot must be struck firmly to the green guarded with two bunkers.”

Richard Reed, Club Professional

Par 4

Yards 405

Index 4

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