Glen Gorse Golf Club

Entrant List for Festival Week -AMAM Stableford

24 players have been signed up for this competition as of 11:20 PM Saturday 20th April

Ross Brabender (Ealing Golf Club)
James Conaghan (14.3)
Richard Covington (14.9)
Ollie Crompton (Ealing Golf Club)
John J Fletcher JNR (Ealing Golf Club)
Morgan Goodbourn (Ealing Golf Club)
Lee Grant (4.8)
Tony Harris (Rugby)
Paul Hastings (10.1)
Chris Hewitt (Ealing Golf Club)
Richard Issitt (Rugby)
Neil Lambourne (Ealing Golf Club)
JR James Ryan Mitchell (Ealing Golf Club)
Scott Palfrey (12.9)
Dewi Paylor (16.7)
Robert Randall (Ealing Golf Club)
Keith Render (13.7)
David Seabrook (14.6)
Callum Sissons (Rufford Park Golf & Country Club)
Mick Sissons (Rufford Park Golf & Country Club)
Mike Sissons (Rufford Park Golf & Country Club)
Lee Smith (16.7)
Mark Wakelin (Rugby)
Andrew Winter (Rugby)

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