Glen Gorse Golf Club

Hole 13

Par 5, Yards 491, Stroke Index 17

"Your drive here should favour the left centre of the fairway avoiding the fairway bunker. This green can be reached in two with a well struck second shot. But beware of the run off into the right hand bunker with your approach."

Richard Reed, Club Professional

Hole 13 is the final par 5 and runs in the opposite direction to hole 12. The view is dominated by 'Treasure Island' on the left-hand side. There is also a fairway bunker on the right, so the drive should be placed down the left-hand side, but avoiding "Treasure Island". Again, the green is reachable in two for the longer hitters. However, it is guarded by two greenside bunkers. The right-hand one of these will be found by anything less than a truly struck shot as the ground falls away on that side. A small copse of trees awaits anybody thinking about bailing out to the left. Too long and you have a difficult chip back up a slope to the green.

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